Hey everyone, we hope this blog post finds you well. We are Mei and Arianna, today’s Leaders of the Day.

(That’s us!)

We started the day by waking everyone up to Disney sing-alongs at 7:00 AM sharp. We sang songs from Frozen’s Let It Go, to Phineas and Ferb’s theme song. Then we had a delicious breakfast of toast, eggs, fruit, and some warm hot chocolate (courtesy of Welly).

After breakfast, we noticed that energy was low so we decided as a team that it would be best to take a rest day. Instead of our original plans for the day, we played card games and Arianna taught us some team-building games. it was well worth it since we were able to bond and gain back energy.

After a hardy lunch of rice and stewed pork, we gathered as a collective to vote on going to the waterfall. It was important that we had this vote so everyone’s opinions were heard and validated, especially on a day when energy was so low. The majority voted to go to the waterfall, where we had a short ride to the location on the safari bus.

At first, the weather wasn’t cooperating with us and we got rained on, but once we reached the waterfall, it cleared up. We took in the breathtaking views of the waterfall and were introduced to our new friend, Turbo the dog (named by us). Turbo followed us to the waterfall and even started running after the bus when we were leaving. Going to the waterfall allowed us to get out of the hostel and spend some time in nature. It was so much fun!

We finished the night up with planning our CAP presentation for tomorrow (stay tuned to see how it goes with our new leaders Gabe and Brianna!!!), and then had a yummy edition of breakfast for dinner in the DR. We had solami, fried cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet plantains, and papaya (which is usually what we have for breakfast). After dinner, we had our nightly meeting where we summarized the day and passed the torch on to our next leaders. Today’s rest day was well needed and we are happy that we were able to save our energy to put it into the community and our project for tomorrow.

(CAP Meeting)

We want to thank you all for keeping up with our journey, we hope that you continue to check in to see what our final 5 days have in store!

With much love,

Ari and Mei