Hello Family and Friends of L2C Glimpsers,

We know you all are excited for the upcoming return of the students on Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning, so we wanted to update you all with their flight information:

The students will be arriving at SFO at 12:01AM, Aug 10 ( Tuesday night / Wednesday early morning) on Avianca flight #560 into the International Terminal. Just a quick reminder it usually takes around half an hour for the students to get off the plane, go through immigration, and get their bags.

Feel free to track the flight details at http://www.flysfo.com

Here is their detailed flight information so you can be ready for their arrival at the airport:

TA 397 MGA –> SAL 5:30 PM- 6:20 PM AUG 9

AV 560 SAL –> SFO 7:10 PM – 12:01 AM AUG 10

The Global Glimpse Staff