Hello dear loved ones!

This morning we awoke bright and early to make the journey from Quito to Riobamba. Despite quite a bit of fog along the way, Riobamba ended up greeting the students with a bright sun and blue sky (truly a special treat around here!) and the Glimpsers were happy to take advantage of the day to play football, do skits, go for a nice long walk, and most importantly, get to know each other!


Even on just the first day, there is already a hefty amount of laughter and buds of new friendships. We even got to celebrate a Glimpser´s birthday with cake in the park! Tomorrow we begin our full itinerary with Indigenous Worldview and History Day, where we will learn about indigenous traditions and take a city tour to get to know Riobamba.

The students are challenging themselves to try new foods, talk to new people, and be committed to learning and growing as much as possible, and so far they are doing an amazing job!

Thank you for the comments on our first post and please keep them coming, the Glimpsers love hearing from you!

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