Hey you!!

We are the Liu Sisters and we are going to tell you about the amazing experiences we had as leaders of the day.

Today started off with 11 of the Glimpsers, including us, waking up in the hospital, looking forward to going back to our hotel. However, it was not until 12:30pm that the 11 Glimpsers were officially discharged from the hospital. The first thing we did was to take a 15 minute shower to rinse off all the filth and dirt off our bodies.

After the shower, we went to Sheila for delicious lunches, which consisted of chicken soup, eggplant, beef, rice, and salad. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel, got a 15-minute nap, and went to watch a movie called Sugar Babies which was a documentary about Haitian sugar cane workers and human rights abuses. Next, some of us went for a half-an-hour-long nap and some of us woke up and prepped for our 3rd English Class.

The English classes went really smooth for everyone and we all had a great time teaching Dominicans English. After that, we went to Sheila for dinner, which was mashed potatoes (Ginny’s favorite) and fried chicken, along with an amazing sauce. Then, we walked back to the hotel and had our nightly meeting where we realized the part where we should be showing our talents is actually just us showing how deformed our bodies are. Afterwards, we passed our “torch pin” to Lorice and Alex, who are the leaders of the day tomorrow.

Even though today was not as eventful as we planned it to be, people bonded by connecting IV bags to the same IMG_2384pole, walking around the hospital to visit all the other Glimpsers, playing deuces, and sharing our frustration when our IV liquid was not dripping from our IV bags. Oh by the way, don’t panic or worry because all of us are fine now and we are back to normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully tomorrow goes smooth and well, just like all the other days!

Much love,

Liu SistersIMG_2368