Hola from Jinotega!

It’s Sammich, your El Lider Del Dia here taking over the blog!

Today is our free day! Well, it’s also the last day strolling the beautiful streets of Jinotega before we pack our bags and get ready to head home. After two and a half weeks of getting to know the city, it basically feels like home to us. So after breakfast today, we had the opportunity to buy our last minute souvenirs from the lovely ladies of the Ceramica Negra, Black Ceramics, community when they decided to stop by, bringing along some new merchandise of theirs. Then, we quickly dispersed into our own small groups to head out and venture the little shops of the city. Some of us visited coffee shops while others went to search for more souvenirs.

image (2)


Best way to start off a relaxing day? A cup of  rich and creamy coffee straight from the renowned coffee beans of Jinotega!


A group of us spent the afternoon at the La Terreza Cafe, where we got to bond by sharing hilarious stories and memorable laughs.

By the end of the day, everyone gathered back at the hostel to reflect on our chill and productive day. After all our hard work and tedious tasks from the last 2 weeks, our leaders decided to treat us to a pleasant surprise tonight…DISCOTEC!!! We are going to dance our hearts out and spend a unforgettable night with this family that we’ll never forget. Got to wrap up on the blog and put on my party pants to get my groove on! More pictures to come, I promise! But for now…FIESTA TIME!

To all the parents and amigos out there: We’ll be back real soon!

Have an amazing night! -Sam ♥