IMG_5593Hola Glimpsers and parents! My name is Zully Valdez and I will be one of the two GG leaders on this terrific trip!

I am eager to know each and everyone of you, but for the meantime, let me tell you a little bit about myself. . . I was born and raised in east San José. Since I was a high school student at Overfelt High School, I knew I wanted to become a teacher and study abroad during college. I was the first in my family to attend college and also to travel abroad. My parents first opposed to the idea of letting their youngest child study in an unknown country to them, but eventually accepted the idea that this experience will change me for the better. I studied a semester in Madrid, Spain and returned to later obtain my Bachelor degree in Spanish Literature. I’m currently finishing my Single Subject Teaching Credential in San José State University and I’m beyond excited to officially begin teaching at my former high school next year!

Travel and education are two of my greatest passions in life! This is my first year being an GGL and would like to share my traveling and educational experience with my delegation. I am eager to embark on this trip and see the wonderful things that this whole delegation will learn. I truly believe that travel educates us beyond what books could ever teach us. We also learn a lot about ourselves and cherish these learnings for a lifetime. The first thing I plan to pack in my traveling backpack is OPTIMISM! 🙂

I’m extremely excited to meet you all soon! Please feel free to contact myself or Ricardo Salgado (GGL) if you have any questions before our amazing trip begins!

Nos vemos pronto,

Zully Valdez

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