Greetings from the Bay Area,

This is Jacqueline and Bria, you group leaders. We are super excited to be traveling next week with you all. We both signed up to be Group Leaders with Global Glimpse because we love working with adolescents and participating in experiential learning. We feel through our trip with Global Glimpse to the Dominican Republic we will learn immensely about the Dominican Republic, what it means to be a global citizen, and most profoundly, about ourselves. We are looking forward to facilitating these experiences for you and with you.

My name is Jacqueline Paz Cedillos and I have worked as an educator for 7 years to date. I began my teaching career in my home town of Oakland, where I worked for Oakland Unity High School as a Spanish and English Teacher.  In working with adolescents as an educator, I realized the profound impact educators can have in helping adolescents step out of their comfort zones and take positive risks both inside and out of the classroom. I am looking forward to seeing you all find your inner strength to particulate in opportunities that will help you grow.

Hi, I’m Bria and I am very excited to travel with you. I have been fortunate to travel the world and see different cultures and beautiful people from a fairly young age. I enjoy working in education because I can connect with young people and learn a great deal from them about life. I am looking forward to our cultural day on this trip because the African diaspora enchants me and the island of Hispanola that once had another name is a place that I’ve always wanted to visit–primarily because of the mystical storytelling powers my father has when he speaks about the victory of the Haitian Revolution!

We’ll see you soon on Monday! Let us know if you have any last minute questions.


Jackie and Bria