IMG_0027Hello All- Jeff Moore, Leadership Coach & GG Leader for SJ1C here, after a fascinating day of local history and culture.

After a scrumptious breakfast of pancakes, melon & guava juice, our first morning in San Juan had us touring the middle of town to discover how current the past has been represented here. Several sculptures, the public university and other art work provided a basis for the story of the many cultures who have mixed together here to create the modern-day state of Maguana. It was also great to take this tour with a welcoming and fun group of GG Ambassadors from right here in San Juan- they will be assisting our group with English classes starting Monday and with sharing their culture these next two weeks.

After the walking tour, we returned to Sheila’s/Onaney Gourmet for lunch: la “bandera” (rice, beans, and meat). We needed the extra fuel for the power dancing workshop at City Hall. Cristian and his musicians demonstrated instruments (two drums, accordion, metalIMG_0048 percussion) while the dancers provided examples of several dances from the DR. Crowd involvement ensued as everyone took turns dancing, singing, and playing instruments. The joy on the City Hall balcony can’t be described- it was simply witnessed. Everyone felt immediately like active participants in our new community.

IMG_0090Dinner at Sheila’s tonight was hot dogs and nachos:-)

Some pictures will follow soon. The togetherness of our group the past three days has been remarkable and inspiring. Thank you. We’ll be reading your blog responses to the group soon so feel free to send anyone on the group messages!