After a long day of travelling, dealing with gate changes, delayed planes, and just the general difficulties of getting a group this size across two countries and three airports – we’ve finally arrived!  We landed in Santo Domingo just an hour or so ago, and everyone is settling into their temporary hostel rooms for a little bit (and I mean a little; wakeup time is at 7AM sharp!) of sleep before we head off to San Cristobal in the morning.  Everyone’s exhausted, but the energy among the group is still electric, and each and every one of our Glimpsers seems ready and eager for the challenges, triumphs, and excitement ahead.  We still have one Glimpser on their way as we speak, and tomorrow we’ll not only meet our new home for the first time, but als our new entire family.

Stay tuned, because tomorrow, our first day in San Cristobal, promises to have more in store for SC1C!IMG_4193