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Wuz gouda cheese, is Naty DQ and Jazzy Swazzy! Today was the last day that the glimpsers had in the DR. The glimpsers started off their day with some scrumdieliumptious breakfast. After breakfast we went to the enramada to go reflect about the past 18 days we had in the DR. Then, we reflected on our CAP project experience. Once reflection time was over, glimpsers had free time so that they would be able to pack up a little. During this time our YAPS (youth ambassadors) also came to say their goodbyes to our delegation. At 1pm glimpsers had lunch which consisted of white rice, black beans, steamed veggies, steak and fruit. Once lunch was over glimpsers had more free time for about 2hrs. During this time we were allowed to go to San Victor for one last time before we left back home. Glimpsers returned to Monte De Oracion at 3:45pm. At 4pm we had our final self-reflection in the enramada, where we shared our highlights of the trip. The highlights included what the glimpers had learned about themselves as well as what they learned about leadership. Also, glimpsers pledged to stop, start, and continue actions based off of the experiences they gained from their trip in the DR. We then ended the self-reflection with our last unity clap. Our phrase for our unity clap was “familia para siempre”, which means forever a family. Glimpsers then went to our very last dinner at Monte De Oracion. After dinner was over glimpsers sang happy birthday to Naty DQ and Stephanie! We then headed over to our first ever talent show. Many glimpsers showed off their awesome skills. When the talent show finished we went to the enramada in order to celebrate all the July baby birthdays with cake, ice cream, and juice! Music was put on and everyone danced for a while. Once everyone was tired out from dancing, the glimpsers went over to the top of the hill to enjoy the view from the cross one last time.

This trip has been such an amazing experience for all of us glimpsers. We have all grown so much, not only as individuals, but also as a group. While we were all reflecting, there happened to be some trends like continuing to grow as individuals and focusing on others and not themselves. Also, another trend was to stop judging others by their looks and actually getting to know the person before coming to a conclusion. We also all realized that we have to stop taking the small luxuries that we have for granted and learn to appreciate them because others are not as fortunate as us. As glimpsers we have all faced some sort of physical or emotional challenge throughout the trip, but we supported each other through it and now we are heading home soon with new relationships built.

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