IMG_4685  Today was a success!! We all woke up early at 5am to the warming sound of roosters. Breakfast was simple but delicious at 6am. We were served ham and cheese sandwiches by Don Carlos, and were on our way to begin the day. We had the opportunity to experience being students in Sagrado Corazon school. It was necessary to be up and about in order to get to school on time. The walk to school early in the morning was exhausting, but was a needed eye opening activity. We were welcomed to school by the academic director Irma. Irma then led us to the class and students we would be shadowing for the day. Meeting the students and class as a whole was very welcoming because everyone was really friendly and accepting. The students brought us along to all their classes where we got a glimpse of their daily educational life. The teachers all made us feel at home in their classrooms where we learned what they were teaching. The school was very clean and beautiful because the students are taught about values and keeping their school clean from a young age. A tour was given to us by our site manager Carla, where we got to see all the offered resources of the school. After exploring the school and the students, we all learned a lesson on the type of education available. Through the students, we were able to become a part of the school. School was over at 12:45, so we left to have lunch back at the hostel. Yet again, we had a delicious meal prepared by Don Carlos that consisted of spaghetti and meat balls.


It was now free time for everyone, and so we started planning our English tutoring lessons. After we were done with the lessons, we had our CAP day meeting #2. It was decided that we would help the Inmaculada school by fixing the bathroom roof, creating benches, and installing a new water tank. We have the opportunity to help out so that students can have a better learning environment. When the meeting was over, we made our way to the English tutoring lessons and taught our students new materials. English tutoring classes are a way for us to help the people of Nicaragua who have warmly welcomed us in. Dinner was at La Favorite and we had pupusas for the night. The day was ended with our nightly meeting which was reviewing all we did and reflecting on the day. Overall, we had an amazing day full of new experiences and knowledge.