Hey every one it’s your fellow glimpsers Miguel and Oscar, a.k.a. your two Liders del Dia, yes TWO leaders of the day! We are the first pair in our delegation, to be the Liders del Dia, which means that there are some more challenges that we have to face if you compare it to one Lider del Dia, such as having to communicate with each other in order for both the liders to be on the same page and balance the leadership role. We started off our day with a bright and early 6:00AM wake up call however some students woke up even earlier because if the intense heat and/or some digestive problems, but we eventually dropped off our laundry at the express laundromat (FINALLY CLEAN CLOTHES!), but we still have to wait to pick it up tomorrow. Tragic. But then we had a chance to experience another aspect of Nicaraguan culture by riding on the very crowded and hot public bus. Bumping into people left and right and feeling like a roller coaster from riding on all the uneven roads with potholes. And that was just scratching the surface of what our day was like:



Here on the right you can see the group walking to the laundromat and dragging their big and heavy bag of dirty and smelly clothing and trying as much to avoid the hectic traffic on the street of Leon. On the left, is the inside of the laundromat with all of its disarranged and disorganized tags that cover the entire walls of the laundromat.


Leon’s public bus was a new and interesting culture experience for all of the students in this delegation because of the intense traffic in which the bus sways side to side and literally pushing itself in the city’s traffic. Our next destination… meeting with high school students from Leon, Nicaragua.



In this image here, you see Glimpsers and Nicaraguan high school students in the ACCESS program socializing and discussing academic statistics of both Nicaragua and the U.S.. It was a fun experience getting to know the ACCESS students in order to know about the differences of getting an education in both countries and the challenges that come with it.


IMG_20160704_171819 IMG_20160704_173249

After another crazy bus ride to the hostel, we walked to a restaurant to not only eat a unique vegetarian pizza with the dough acting as bread for a sandwich and the inside being sauce, cheese, onions, and tomatoes, MMH! Now we are heading for tutoring.



Here you can see the successful first day of English Tutoring, where there are a variety of ages that came to learn English and get to know their new group that will be teaching them English for 8 days (but now 7). However, there we some challenges for each group such as not being fully prepared but something that we will improve on. Also it was a joy getting to teach English because of the inquisitive minds of the local here in Leon. Another surprise was seeing some familiar faces such as Flor from El Solar and if you remember, she was one of the instructors that taught our delegation how to dance to salsa, walk on stills and get us out of our comfort zone.