Hello family and friends of Leon 2A Global Glimpsers. This is an update for Day 16, another fun day, which was “Shopping Day.” This is the third to last day for our trip here in Nicaragua and everyone is dying to see their loved ones, but it is still a bitter sweet feeling to leave. Today it started off with an 8:30AM wake up call. Everyone has been so tired from the three cap projects we’ve been working hard at, so this was a good thing for everyone to rest and wake up energized. It’s kind of crazy how, instead of waking up 8:30, most everyone woke up around 7, probably because we are all so used to waking up around that time.

Apparently, because it is Father’s Day today here in Leon, Brayan and Kirsten went to spend time with his family. After everyone got ready around 8:45AM, we left the hostel to have breakfast at Imabite. Breakfast was an omelet and a piece of bread cut in half served with Orange/mango juice. It was a quick one because all of us finished it in about 5 minutes, so we rushed back to the hostel, so that we would have more free time for the day to explore and find last minute souvenirs from 10AM to 12PM. As with the same rules as every other day that we’ve been here, we just had to sign in and out for what our individual groups were doing. Many of us just needed to buy souvenirs and others wanted to see what’s new around town. We were mainly around the Central Park area because they had the most things there.  Because the locals here know who are Americans and who aren’t, a lot of them try to finesse us out of our money by raising the prices to a much higher amount compared to what they would sell to their own, so those of us that know how to bargain would come in and help them.  Some groups went to the internet café to use the telephones and computers, you know the usual.. to see what they’re missing and etc.

After our free time, we all came back at 11:45 to get ready for lunch at Imabite again. There we had buffet where we chose the varieties of rice, beans, pasta, salad, banana chips, fried chicken, beef stew, and etc. When lunch was finished, we went back to the hostel to prep for English tutoring. Everyone finished in just minutes and some didn’t even prep because today was more of a closing to our lessons, so there wasn’t much to do, but just have fun and communicate with them about anything they wanted to know. Those who finished prepping left to do what they wanted to do until 4:45, such as buying for souvenirs, sleeping, groceries, and some girls went to the nail shop. Many of the groups got back in time to the hostel after free time to change for English tutoring and dinner, but one rushed back because they were taking a significant of time to get their nails done.

At dinner,  everyone was served fried rice with a slice of bread and pineapple juice. Eventually we walked to English tutoring and did what was needed to be done. There were a lot of students that had their last day with us today, so it was kind of heart breaking to say goodbye to them , but luckily they asked us for our Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchats. Some even wanted to take pictures. As we said our goodbyes to some of them, we walked back peacefully to the crib:) and had our wonderful nightly meeting. Hopefully today everyone had a good day and tomorrow will be another day of free time and looking back on days of Global Glimpse.