Hi everyone! My name’s Ella and I am the El Lider Del Dia. Today’s Aid and Development day. We started off with a wake up call at 6:15, and surprisingly, everyone was so easy to wake up! We had our usual breakfast and went back to the hostel to start off with our Aid and Development seminar, which was very inspirational. Following that, we had our CAP (Community Action Project) seminar informing us of our project, which was very exciting! After that, we went right away to Fundacion Cristal, which is a primary school from three to fourteen years old. Right away, we fell in love with them! We separated into six groups and had the chance to get to know them more. They had prepared little cute dances for us, which really got us pumped up! With that, we had a small bus ride to the new school they’re building for them. We had the chance to get to know the place and Fundacion Cristal itself, as it will be the place that we will be working on for our CAP project. We went back to Fundacion Cristal to have a quick lunch there and they were so generous! We had a tamarind juice which I personally miss.


Next stop was Mujeres Ambientalistas! It was a place where they showed us how to make recycled paper, which was amazing. They also had a gift shop, which was full of beautiful notebooks, cards, and bookmark; we couldn’t stop ourselves from buying! After that, we went straight home and we had at least two hours of free time – time that was truly needed as all of us were exhausted. As you can imagine, almost everyone took a nap.


After, we went to dinner, and as usual, they served us delicious food and Tajadas (fried banana chips) that no one can resist. Right away, we went to a Recreation Center and showed each other “how we get down!” We had the chance to meet amazing breakdancers and even had the chance to show them our own moves as we formed a circle, and each (or some of us) showed them how we get down.


All over, today was a very inspirational day for all of us. Seeing how happy and joyful the little kids were gave us so much more excitement about the upcoming project. Even more joyful to see were the volunteers and the workers working at the school. Another awesome thing we experienced today was using recycled papers to make papers! How awesome is that?!


Anyways, thank you for reading, and we are all very tired, but your comments give us so much energy and make us a little less homesick! See you guys tomorrow!

P.S Hey Athena! You actually are commenting everyday (almost). Tell my parents to pick up their phone next time!!! I miss you and everyone.