Our day started early at 5:30 am with a quick shower to refresh ourselves from the amazing day before. At 6:00 am, we started off with our first wake-up call, to get everyone up. We filled up the five-gallon water jug and got ready to start off the day with everyone. For breakfast, we had pancakes, eggs, papaya, salad, and mango juice. We quickly finished eating and washed all of our plates, and everyone went off to finish up any last-minute packing they had to do. At 8:00 am, we all went inside the blue bus and prepared for the four-hour ride ahead of us. At 9-9:30 am, we took a pit stop at a local market and bought snacks and souvenirs to fulfill our needs for the rest of the ride. We were listening to many different genres of music which kept us entertained for a while. We saw many beautiful sights along the ride and some even took pictures of these sights.

We arrived at Juan Dolio around 12:00 pm, where we were able to unpack and get ready for our day at the beach. During this time, we got to enjoy our lunch, which consisted of white rice, yellow rice with salami, salad, watermelon, and orange juice which we all enjoyed, thanks to the cooks. We then took a small break before we headed towards the beach. When we arrived at the beach, we walked for a while towards a safe area where the waves were not too dangerous, we then all ran inside the water quickly after putting our bags down. The water was a perfect temperature after being in the sun for so long. Every one of us got to enjoy the very blue and beautiful water for nearly 2 hours before heading back to our base house for the night.

Once back, we had free time and were able to play in the pool and relax again after an eventful day. The host of the house cooked us a delicious dinner of make-your-own tacos. We had guacamole, beans, chicken and/or meat, corn, vegetables, cheese, and orange juice to drink. We would like to give big love to the entire community for giving us such an amazing time. After dinner, we gathered around the pool to summarize the day and got to pass the “torch” to our next leaders of the day, Grejs and Sandra. We would like to wish them good luck and a very goodnight to everyone reading this.