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The day we have all been looking forward to… SWIMMING! Being leaders of the day (Kiana and Oscar) was a great experience for the both of us as we enjoyed the activities and creating new memories with the group.

We decided to wake up at 5:45 am and go to Alfreditos for breakfast, as usual, and ate sandwiches (which had ketchup in it which was quite unusual for most of us to eat) with bananas and iced tea. We later on left on a three-hour bus ride from our hostel to the active volcano called Volcan Masaya that luckily flew by fast. Everyone sang along to the tunes that were played from each other’s iPods that we had connected to the speakers on the bus. Finally arriving, we walked to the side of the open volcano which was a sight that took us in awe and surprise. The potent smell of the sulfur fumes it released made us cover our noses and make weird faces when it reached us, coughing loudly as we walked back to the bus.

After the mini tour and hike of the volcano we then left to the Laguna de Apoyo. There we ate homemade pizza while overlooking the lagoon in the back of The Monkey Hut Resort. We all had a BLAST!!! Multiple activities that were available for us to do such as kayaking, surfing, a platform to jump off of, and of course the BEST part… having each other to create unforgettable memories. One special moment was when we made our GG Leaders jump off the platform in the middle of the lagoon as we watched them, laughing as they did a cannonball. Sadly the day had to come to an end.

The bus ride back felt longer for us as were exhausted from our activities that we did today. Finally arriving back to the hostel, with aches and pains from awkwardly sleeping on the bus for three hours, we were finally able to eat dinner. Like always: rice and beans, plantain, queso, and avocados. Now as we get ready to go to sleep for tomorrow’s activity, Living Off a Dollar a Day, we’re excited to find what else is in store for us.

A little something special for our family and friends…

“Hello Mommy, Daddy, Carmen, and Snowy! Don’t have too much fun without me! Miss and love you guys!

Love, Katie Leung

P.s. Katie Lau copied me.”

“Miss you mom and Gaje! Don’t have too much fun without me! Talk to you guys soon. J

-Katie Lau

P.s. Katie Leung copied me.”

“Big love to my family back home! Love and miss you!


“Jack, Jilly, Jaynie, Mommie, Nonnie, and Dadyy. I miss you guys so much! I can’t wait to tell you about everything! Happy early Birthday Nonnie! I love you guys.


“Just want to say I miss everyone at home; my momma and sister. See you guys in less than 2 weeks. I need food!


“Hey friends and family, I miss and love you lots, but I’m having an amazing time here. I’ll see you very soon! <3

-Sabrina Lopez”

“To Mama, Papa, & Ella Naylor – I miss you all so much! As you can see, we do A LOT every day. Can’t wait to tell you everything in person. Love to all our friends at home.

Te Amo, Laurel <3”

“Hey Mom, Dad, Josh, Koa, Ala, Analu, and of course my little baby Malu! I’m definitely having an amazing time out here, creating new friends and memories(: and of course I’m missing everyone back home. Have to say I miss hearing the loud noises in our crazy but loving household. Can’t wait to see you all and finally be back eating your homemade cooking mom! Totally miss it. Well I’ll try calling again.. hopefully soon, so KEEP AN EYE AND EAR OUT FOR IT PLEASE! Lol.

-Love, your always sleeping daughter Kiana.

P.s. Hope you’re not having too much fun without me there “