Today was our “Sunday Fun-day”, and the day certainly lived up to its name. We woke up at 7:14, had breakfast, and left for our first event of the day; a tour at Castillo de Cacao (The Castle of Cacao).  We had a tour of the facilities, and got a behind the scenes look at how organic chocolate is made here in Matagalpa. After the tour, we taste tested some freshly-made dark chocolate, and fell in love with the rich taste you can only receive from hand made chocolate. We proceeded to purchase THOUSANDS of cordobas worth of chocolate. After the tour, we took a 40 minute bus ride to El Ranchon/Laguna de San Martin, which is like the Nicaraguan Water World. We had a delicious lunch and changed into our swim suits. For over two hours we swam, climbed inflatable play structures, kayaked, and paddle boarded. During our time at the lagoon, we supported each other through fears of heights and tall jumps off the different inflatable structures. We developed our teamwork further learned how to help each other through difficult situations. After we drove home, we had dinner, and an hour of free time before our nightly meeting. Being the leaders today was a lot of fun and a big learning experience for both of us. We were able to step out of our comfort zones to help guide and lead the group through our long day. It was a valuable learning experience that all of us will carry with us forever.