image (4) image (3)image (2) image (1)Hello all. My name is Keaton Bates and I go to Analy High School in Sebastopol. Today, we partook in our second Fun Day of the trip. It was a very well anticipated trip to a resort on one of the many islands within Lake Nicaragua. We have been putting in a lot of hard work this trip with numerous long days, so everyone would agree that today was well deserved. We woke up at 7 am and were pleasantly surprised to have delicious pancakes prepared by non other than the trip chef Don Carlos, who has come in clutch with every mouth-watering meal. After we finished off the pancakes we prepared for our day at the resort (Pico de Garza).

Loading up the bus with plenty of food and snacks, we had only a 15 minute drive to our boats. We split the group into two and loaded the boats up. We then made our way to the island  in the motor boats weaving through other smaller islands, Mombacho Volcano looming over us on the right all the while. The views were outstanding to say the least. Within 10 minutes, we arrived at Pico de Garza and knew that we were in for a fun day like we all had hoped. We walked over to our section of the resort and were greeted with a pool over looking Lake Nicaragua with the volcano in the background. Throughout the day we swam, played soccer, volleyball, and enjoyed the awesome views. At 12, we took a break for lunch, which was barbecued chicken sandwiches and hot dogs (courtesy of Chad and Thao). This was also a treat for us because it was a meal that excluded rice and beans, something that has become a classic aspect of all our meals. After lunch, we went back to the activities until around 5. At 5 we called it a day and came back to the shore, where we spotted the first monkeys that we have seen here. We drove to the hostel and got ready to go to dinner. We then came back t0 the hostel and began prepping for our community action project.

Today was definitely cherished and maximized as we all are aware that these next few days will be very long and filled with lots of hard work.