Hola GG’S Familia y amigos!

My name is Erica Estefania Arambula, I attend school in Senior Davis High. I am the oldest one in the group which means I am 18 years old. Knowing that I am the oldest in the group l felt embarrassed at first, because I was the only one who was crying at the airport, and the first day we arrived to Nicaragua because I miss my family. I felt that I was not strong enough to be away from my family but then I just knew that I am just an emotional young lady. Additionally I am extremely glad that I had the opportunity to be part of Global Glimpse because being away from my family will help me be a more independent young adult, value life even more and also gain leadership skills.

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So.. yesterday I was El lider del dia ( the leader of the day). I started the day waking up everyone up at six in the morning, the usual time. We had a long and important day because it was our last day of finishing our CAP (community action project). I got everyone in the private bus to go to the school where the project was taking place. When we arrived to the campus my peers and I knew right away what to do to finish strong. We were working so hard that we sometimes forgot to drink water; as a leader I was responsible to make sure everyone was okay, and I managed to do that. The sun was shining so bright that we were sweating a ton, we were so tired and super duper stressed out. It just seemed that we were never going to finish our CAP. However, it only took us six hours to finish with making a garden bed, building new fences and making a path way to the beautiful garden we had built together. At the end we celebrated with the extra paint we had, painting our faces and our clothes. It was a great moment because during the first day of planning our project my peers and I were overcome by stress and were afraid that we were not going to see the finished project. But we finished strong and it turned out better than we expected. We were all so proud of each other that we all became even closer to each other.

After a long exhausting day, we arrived to the hostel and we gathered together for a mini seminar. The GG leaders talked about how Global Glimpse is such an amazing program that we have many people that are interested in helping teens experience this trip. Without people donating to Global Glimpse we wouldn’t be able to have this experience. For example, teaching a class full of students wanting to learn English, and being able to experience how people live every day in Nicaragua. So our GG leaders asked us to write our donors a letter appreciating them. Everyone wrote at least a one page long letter saying how we are so glad we are part of Global Glimpse. After that we got ready for dinner and the circus.


Before Photos!


And after!!!

At dinner everyone was so high on energy and ready for our first night out together. My peers and I got all dolled up so we were taking pictures pretending they were our prom date pictures. It was pretty funny. At 6:45pm I had to get everyone in the bus, to go to the circus. During the bus ride we were all singing along to the music and dancing. It was a great moment. The circus was amazing, but what amazed us the most is there were kids performing in the circus. One of my peers was wondering if those kids were working in the circus because they needed money or for other reasons. But this has made me think about how blessed I am to just focus on school. I will value my life and everything surrounding me even more in the future. This trip has been an amazing experience and I am so glad I am part of Global Glimpse. I have learned so much about myself and about life that I think I am ready to go home and tell my family and friends all about my trip. I will show them the new me and how I have grown as a young adult to become more mature, strong, and confident. However, I have gotten so used to being in Nicaragua with my GG family that I fear that when I get home I will be homesick once again not being with my Global Glimpse family. E1B group will forever be in my heart. See you all Tuesday night, don’t forget to pick us up. Shout out to my family, miss you guys. Muchos besos.DSCN0745 DSCN0761