Hello readers, this is Camilo here; Constanza’s Site Manager and El Líder Del Día [Leader of the day].

As you might know, each glimpser will get the chance to be the part of the leadership team during one of this trip’s days and, among many others duties, one of those duties is writing this blog at night to let everyone know what our day looked like. First of all I would like you to bear with me in case I don’t do my english properly since it is not my first language [I’m from Caracas, Venezuela]. So here I go!

Today was History Day and -as you can imagine- we talked a lot about Dominican History, although in different ways. First we had an academic seminar leaded by our wonderful GG Leaders Jennifer and Christina, where they covered all the historical highlights of the DR [from pre-colonial days to the most recent events]. In spite of being a small island and the DR being just a half of that island, this country is full of interesting and meaningful events that we need to know in order for us to understand our surroundings. We learned about conquests, colonies, revolutions, independence movements, invasions, dictatorships, democracy, corruption, immigration, religion… even sports [yes, you’re right: baseball].

After lunch we met our local ambassadors, a group of local kids who will be part of the trip by joining us during certain days and activities (free days, fun days and -most important- English Tutoring Lessons). As you probably know, our glimpsers will be teaching english to local students. Ambassadors will be their co-teachers, so today they got to meet for the first time and it got off to a good start when ambassadors gave each glimpser a friendship bracelet as a welcome present. Bracelets that, by the way, were handcrafted by ambassadors themselves.


Once we were done with the proper introductions we left our hotel for the first time on our way to the City Tour. We met Constanza by walking it! ¿isn’t that the best way to get to know a place for the first time? And that walk was full of informative stops: a military fortress, a radio station, a fire department, etc. After a couple hours we ended up at the baseball field where we did a pop quiz as a summary of our tour. We told glimpsers they would get an ice cream if they would answer correctly all the questions and, guess what… well I’m just going to say they enjoyed those ice creams.

Back at Dilenia [our hotel] we had dinner and before you start reading from them how great the food is here I’ll tell you something: the food is GREAT. I’ll let them talk a bit more in further posts about how good it is but, yeah… it’s delicious.

It’s time for me to say good bye now, I hope you’re all doing great at home regardless of not being with your wonderful kids but don’t worry: they’re in good hands [sounds like a cliché but it’s true].

That’s all folks. Regards from Constanza.

Stay tuned.