Hi my name is Vanessa and I was El Lidre del dia for today. After our preparation day for the CAP project with getting all the materials and getting everything planned and ready, we all woke up to my banging knocks on the doors to our rooms. After a filling breakfast, we took a private bus(with AC that we yearned for…yes!) to Los Pipitos to start our CAP project. The CAP project is a project in which we all work together as a team and help a community, in this case we were building bookcases, tables, painting/renovating a room, and beautifying the outside of Los Pipitos.

Everyone was well energized once we got there and went to work. We later put on some music and had a mini concert of our own where we all sang our hearts out while doing our work. After doing our project for several hours, we had a satisfying lunch and continued with our project(we had some really good snacks in between- yum). We then had to wrap it up for the day and continue tomorrow. We were proud of ourselves noticed that if everybody works together, we can accomplish many things. So far, we had our bookshelf ready, the room painted with a beautiful jungle, and an eye catching painting outside of Los Pipitos.

Everyone was cleaning up and trying to scrub the paint off their hands (it is NOT easy…especially for the oil-based paint). We then rode another private bus back the the hostel and took some quick showers to get rid of the paint smells. We had our last English tutoring prep and had another music concert for the day. Dinner was delicious and we then bonded some more and wrote some letters of appreciation where it brought back many memories of what happened so far during our trip, images flashing in our heads and our hands just writing them down. We can’t wait for tomorrow to come with different challenges and just to finish on what we have worked on today.

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