Hello! Michael here. I was woken up by Gardner at 5:30 am and then Ethan came to get me so we could fill up the water jugs before starting our day. We started waking everyone up at 6 am. Everybody was super tired because we had an early wake-up call but we had to be down by 6:50 am for breakfast at 7 am. We walked to Isabel’s to have breakfast and she made bananas, blueberries, boiled corn, pan con queso, crackers, and tea. Victor came to pick us up on the bus and drove us two hours away to Chimborazo, a huge volcano. After taking photos in front of the volcano, we made a quick stop to have the CAP debrief and got tea and coffee. We talked about the ups and downs of the project. In my opinion, I feel like we were very successful when it came to the project. After, we took a short hike and stopped at a monument to learn the history of Chimborazo. Even though we only climbed a short distance it was still tiring. Only professional hikers could have made it all the way to the top. It was very hard to breathe up there so we had to drink water very often.

Ethan here. After that, we got on the bus and many were sleeping. The ride back to Riobamba took a little bit longer as there was traffic on the way back. We got to Isabel’s at around 3 pm for lunch. She made chicken and shrimp fried rice, plantain chips, and an Ecuadorian soup made with albacore with some Coca-Cola to drink. Hailey and Vanessa had their leadership meeting back at the hotel while some people went into the city to buy souvenirs. After the leadership meeting, Gardner and Jasmin took more people out and we met up with the other group. Ethan got a Jiraya and Naruto Poncho, Katie got a llama plushie, Hailey got earrings, and Gardner got a unicorn on a stick. Afterwards, we returned back to the hotel for our nightly meeting. During our nightly meeting, we went through each blog to reflect on our trip and read the comments from our friends and family. After we reminisced about our time in Ecuador Hailey and Vanessa line danced for their talent and we passed the torch. Later on, we went to dinner where Isabel made pizza, salad, and ice cream for dessert. We ate the delicious food then we sang and danced to some songs before returning home at around 9 pm. We had our free time where most people packed and winded down before lights out at 10:30 pm.