Julio definitely represented how everyone felt after a cool day of free time

Julio definitely represented how everyone felt after a cool day of free time

Today was the day everyone was waiting for; the simple reason everyone was extremely excited to explore the beautiful city of Nicaragua, Granada. So today was completely the same when it came down to meals at Don Carlos. Everyone woke before 7:30 am in order to head out at 8:30. Of course everyone woke up and was ready on time on time which was great. We had a great breakfast which was gallo pinto, scramble eggs, tortillas and cheese. Everyone was really aiming to finish eating on time in order to enjoy their free day, I mean who wouldn’t?! Unfortunately some members of the group weren’t feeling well which caused everyone to be aware and caring including the leaders which was really great. Everyone became a huge support system for those who were sick and it was very good and sweet.

But once everyone was done getting ready, we all headed back to the hostel and was ready to sign out and take on the day. And even though the sick members weren’t able to go out on their free day, I consider them to be very inspiring and resilient. The reason why was because they were able to take on the day and still try to be apart of the meals such as Jessica and then Amari still taking her role as leader of the day for tomorrow. They’re truly strong! Being leader of the day was pretty different compared to most days since we were all separating but was still cool because I was able to still remind people of the suggestions our gg leaders mentioned, mentioned how the sign out sheet worked and so on.

After signing out, most people were excited to call their parents including my group and I. So since today was Sunday, most  stores were basically closed and unfortunately when finding the cyber café that we were all suggested, turned out to be closed until 2. This didn’t stop us but it had allowed us to make a switch around with our plans and made us be more flexible which was still beneficial. Most groups went to run some errands such as having to go to the supermarket and also feeding their craving such as going to the smoothie shop, Eskimo and Kathy waffle house!

We then went to lunch and after a while, everyone began to question whether we were going to be able to go to the cyber café. My group had already went once and the second time after lunch we went to another one where we waited there for about thirty minutes and lost hope since no one came to unlock the door. This all happened after Mr. Fernandez saved is the first free time before lunch because he suggested another café but people weren’t able to make calls. This was why that when we came back to the hostel to notice that other groups were going again to the same cyber café that my group and I found a little hope to go check again. We got to the cyber Café and still found it closed but that once we saw a car pull up we didn’t think they would unlock the gates but it turns put they did! We totally forgot that in Nicaragua there’s Nica time in which one says a specific time but actually comes out a little late but its totally understandable.

Everyone was extremely happy since we were able to call our parents. I and other members got emotional when we heard our parents voices which was a good feeling since we were able to check in with our loved ones. It was mostly Tuani! Once again I just want to recognize everyone who didn’t lose hope including those who were sick. Today was a day in which it tested everyone patience and tolerance, and flexibility but in the end, everything turned out to be good day. Now as a group we will be able to understand how Nica time works. Till next time :D.