Hey friends and family, hope all is well back in Chicago!

After a light breakfast, the Glimpsers headed to the entrance to the Amazon Rainforest to hike the Pailon del Diablo (Devil’s Pailon) waterfall! On our two-hour drive there, it was crazy to see how drastic the vegetation change was. From farmlands to thick green landscapes. Thankfully, unlike the bus in front of us, our bus windows were closed as we drove under the “drizzlefall” (very small waterfall). After a steep hike downhill, we were met with the giant waterfall that soaked all of us! We took lots of pictures in front of El Diablo’s double rainbow and headed toward the swinging bridge (rickety, as Jaylen would say). Some of the Glimpsers decided it would be funny to jump on the bridge and scare the others, but all of the commotions were worth seeing the amazing view. Our thorn of the day? The grueling hike back up to the bus. But we all made it up in one piece and headed to lunch at The Leprechaun in El Baño. In spite of what you might think, Leprechaun served us delicious Italian food. Then we went shopping for a little bit in the downtown part of El Baño, and headed back to the hotel. For dinner, we ate an amazing Mexican-styled meal at Lina and headed back to wind down for the night.

P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all the Global Glimpse dads out there!

Signing off, Jackie and Elyse

Pics are coming soon!