Family, friends, and random onlookers of our trip! I am Andrew Andaya-Phillips, here to give you an update on our Glimpsers today! We started off by waking up at 6:30 am and eating breakfast at the hotel. We then took a trip to El Guayabal, where we met the water committee of Cienega Larga and Dr. Alexis to discuss how water is delivered to the people of Panama and kept clean. Giving our thanks, we returned back to the hotel. Once there, we listened to a presentation offered to us by Katia and her family from the indigenous tribe of the Guna. They shared with us their way of life, dances, delicious food, celebrations, and last but not least amazing mola designs.

Afterward, we had lunch at the hotel before meeting up to discuss our theme of the trip: biocultural diversity. We talked about the cultures of the world and how they related back to living beings, strengthing our understanding and appreciation for both. After that, we finalized our designs for the CAP. The Glimpsers presented these designs to the members of the elementary school and, with a little bit of tweaking and a few additions, were able to make art pieces that were perfect for them.

To close out the night we had dinner at the hotel and thanked our wonderful cook, Angie for preparing everyone three meals for the day. Finally, we had our nightly meeting to reflect on what we accomplished, interacting and cooperating during all the presentations.

As a final message, I´d like to send love from Panama to my mom, dad, stepdad, aunts and uncles, cousins, three adorable dogs, and my wonderful papa, mama, and grandma for supporting me through the comments. Thank you all for reading the blog and I hope you stay tuned in for the next one tomorrow. Ciao!

(PS: I may or may not have forgotten my camera charger at home. I will bring plenty of souvenirs to compensate.)