Greetings Global Glimpse Families,

It has been an eventful 13 days Here In The Dominican Republic so we spent 3 hours reflecting on our time here. First, we woke up bright and early at 7 A.M. and then had breakfast At 8 A.M. We then celebrated Marcos’s Birthday at 9:30 with people giving him gifts and surprised him with carrot cake.

Afterward, we reflected on the entire trip. We thought about the best parts, the not-so-nice parts, and also the emotional parts. Each leader came up to present a part of the reflections. Which gave the entire morning a sense of ending and somberness. Some of us cried, some didn’t but overall we had a great sense of what the trip meant to all of us.

After the reflection, we went to see the waterfall. The hike there was beautiful, the greenery and the shade of the mountains felt like we walked into a postcard. Almost everyone was soaked in the pool of water below the waterfall. We had a great time taking pictures, looking at the baby chickens, and enjoying our final adventure out in the Dominican Republic.

Soon after, we went out to the town shopping for jewelry. Specifically volcanic stones local to the DR. It has a bluish hue and is smooth to the touch. We then went shopping around at stores. Laughing at the misspelled words of items around the shops and having a great time drinking smoothies. We ended our trip in the town with a dinner at a pizza place in which we sang happy birthday to our leader Marcos.

After coming back, we had a reflection of the day. We gave a final speech to round out our feeling for everyone and everything. With a smirk, we all went to our rooms to pack for the next day and end our journeys in the DR.

With Love, Sze & Milo