Good day GG families!

Today we learned about the importance of education. We started off our day with a quick and fun energizer called “Drum Chief”. We all had a lot of fun and had enough energy to start our very first brainstorming seminar for our CAP project. Some ideas we had included repainting outdoor signs, refurbishing old work tables, and creating sensory boards. Right afterward we had the honor to invite Carmen, an indigenous political organizer from Cacha. Some powerful takeaways we had were knowledge is power, education liberates people, and we have to resist to exist.

After lunch, some Glimpsers were able to visit Plaza Roja to buy souvenirs such as ponchos, bracelets, and yummy snacks! After learning to bargain with vendors, all the Glimspers visited La Nativa where we learned how to make delicious empanadas. As the empanadas were cooking, we were able to try fruits unique to Ecuador.



We all had dinner where we tried ceviche, our empanadas, and guinea pigs! After arriving back to La Primavera, we wrapped our day up with a nightly meeting where we reflected on our eventful day. To end the night, we all received matching friendship bracelets that were bought by some of the Glimpsers at Plaza Roja.

Big love,

Paul Eam & Danny Hernandez