Throughout the day, we learned about the various ways of providing aid in ways that would last for many generations inspired by this quote:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”   – Maimonides

After a wake-up call reminiscent of our usual school year, we filled our stomachs with a pancake, pineapple chunks, and other fruits. This meal gave us Glimpsers the strength to face the daily challenges.

“Chhhtt” went the sound of the figurative radio as “el líder del día” changed the radio station to the stations of Matagalpa: NNNEPT 21.3, Matagalpa life, and Bobbi and the boys. Each station had to sing 2-3 songs, which tended to be of different genres ranging from hip hop to rap. Some of the voices that were heard produced chills that ran down our spines.

Although the group was divided in half during the academic seminar, in terms of point of view, we each got to understand the opposing sides. We came upon various realizations, but the resulting consensus was the importance of international aid that had sustainable aspects. For example, providing one million shirts to communities that has other necessities, is not exactly sustainable. In contrast, a quality education increases the chances of getting a job, which will stimulate the economy in not only the short term, but long term as well.

At 9:00am, instead of taking our private bus, we took the public bus that was packed with locals and bags of rice and potatoes. Although it was a different mode of transportation, we all had an open mind, heart, and soul.

Our unforgettable bus ride with the locals to Los Pipitos.

Our unforgettable bus ride with the locals to Los Pipitos.

Within a half hour, we arrived at a building that seemed to blend in among the rest while sitting on top of a steep hill. This building is owned by an organization called “Los Pipitos”- meaning “the children”- consisting of a handful of caring people who accept children from the community with learning, mental and physical disabilities such as autism and Tourette’s syndrome. While in the facility, the children can receive professional care from psychologists, physical therapists, and volunteers. Soon, we started to strategize ways in which we could improve the organization and many ideas were carefully formulated in a way that would actually fit the needs of “Los Pipitos,” and in turn, the community.

After making sure that everyone was safe on the public bus, we traveled back to the hostel for lunch and then rest up for the next activity. Although, this time was either productively used for singing, playing chess, doing laundry, or shopping for coffee.

Next, we received a speech by the representative of Matagalpa’s “Joven Nica,” an organization that provides the children of Nicaragua with the skills necessary to accomplish honorable goals in their community and beyond if possible. “Joven Nica” is partnered with “Inotecha,” another organization that provides a lot of the technical training needed by the people of Matagalpa, particularly those who cannot afford to go to school. Instead, they can obtain skills which will give them a better job. Although, a problem arises when there is a lack of jobs to sufficiently employ all that they train, which is overwhelmingly present in Nicaragua. However, “Joven Nica” will continue to expand their organization in order to hopefully provide their members with job opportunities.

The English Tutoring classes went wonderfully. Our lesson plans were organized, the students were actually learning, and most importantly, our actions were making a difference. Now that we have a better feel of teaching in an orderly fashion and accomplishing all of our goals, we owe our greatest thanks to our GG leaders, Ms. Garces and Ms. Sitruk.

Students listening to the teachers and volunteers that help at Los Pipitos.

Students listening to the teachers and volunteers that help at Los Pipitos.

Our visit Los Pipitos

Our visit to Los Pipitos.

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