The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

                                                                                         –Lao Tzu

Hello my fellow Glimpsers, we hope you are surviving the final weeks of the school year. If you did not know already, we are less then a month from our amazing journey that is ahead of us. We want to take this time to introduce ourselves and who we are.

Leader number Awesome 😉 My name is Mr. Robert Goldstein and I am a Special Education at Santa Clara High School. I have traveled to England, France, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Korea and the Philippines, to name a few. I love experiencing how other cultures live and seeing the history of every country that I visit. I am originally from Southern California and have been living in the Bay Area for almost 10 years now. I enjoy riding my motorcycle in the mountains of Santa Cruz, going scuba diving in Monetary, rock climbing, relaxing and playing video games and of course, teaching. Last year was my first year as a GG Leader, and had such an amazing experience.

Leader number Amazing, My name is Ms. Cynthia Cevallos. I am a native San Franciscan and still live and work in the city. I work as a Community Health Outreach Worker at School of the Arts High School and Academy of Arts & Sciences High School. Most of my travel has been within Latin America: El Salvador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala and Nicaragua. This is my second year with GG and I am looking forward to the trip this summer.

We are super excited for this year, and want to make this trip last a lifetime for all of us. If you or your parental units need to contact us for any reason, you can us the bat signal or if you cannot find one, you can use this, Cynthia – [email protected]415-990-1536. Robert –[email protected], 310-927-5238.

Meet your Leaders

Meet your Leaders