Hello everyone! Today, we started off with an early wake-up call at 6:30 AM. Breakfast was served at 7:15, by our wonderful hosts at La Primavera. We drank tea and cantaloupe juice and ate eggs, fruit, and bread. At 8:00, we headed to El Molino to finish our final CAP day. We’ve worked very hard in the past three days, and it has most definitely paid off. The soccer field is finished, the community room is painted, and the sign is clean and surrounded by beautiful plants.

Cesar asked us to paint the world (literally), and everyone pitched in, including some very helpful (and very excited) local kids. It was raining on and off, which created a couple of obstacles for us, but nothing we couldn’t handle. We had lunch at 12:00, and what a delicious lunch it was! We had pasta with tuna, apples, peach juice, and Oreos for dessert. After our lunch, we finished painting the globe and went back to La Primavera—which was our last bus ride with Don Fernando, and his unmatched driving skills.

After returning to La Primavera, some students stayed and rested, while others went and explored Riobamba for the final time. We were meant to go to Restaurante Lina for dinner, but after an unexpected change in plans, Restaurante Lina came to us (after a long wait). We had a choice of food between burritos, flautas, enchiladas, and quesadillas, and they were all delicious.

After a celebratory dinner, we had a very casual and fast nightly meeting, with many big loves to go around. The group made a lovely card for don Fernando, and (in a surprise turn of events) don Fernando had gifts for us! He gave all of the students some very adorable alpaca keychains, which we appreciated greatly. We passed the torch onto our next and final LDD, Kenya. See you all tomorrow!