Today, we learned how to play baseball with a team that went easy on us. They also taught us how to work together. Even though not a lot of people wanted to play baseball almost everyone tried. Like when Tyrone didn’t like playing at first he didn’t give up and he hit a home run. Also when some of the girls didn’t want to play, like Keyla and La Daisha, they  gave it a try even if they didn’t play for a long time. We also went to the pool and almost every one went swimming we played a lot of games when we were in the pool. Some of us played the game chicken and also jumped in the pool. After everyone went swimming, they got some french fries and talked to each other. We went to play basketball against a team from the DR we beat them, but everyone still had fun. Today was important for us because we really started to become comfortable with each other.

One thing i was surprised about today was that everyone really tried to play baseball with the team. Something that I’m proud of today was that I got out of my comfort zone also I tried to have fun today but still trying to be a leader. It was a really fun day and everyone got to know each other better. Also everyone enjoyed themselves today even if it was really hot out.

also mom i really miss you!! and love you!!!


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