WASSUP OG!!! It’s Richie again coming in with another blog on my actual Leader of the Day. Unlike Fun Day, I had to get up extra early to wake everyone up at 6:00 AM. Just preparing all your kids for when they have to go back to school. Regardless, the early wake-up call was worth it because we had a long drive to Chimborazo! Chimborazo is an active volcano in Ecuador that we visited to hike and see the views. We didn’t walk that far because the altitude can cause you to feel a bit sick and we only went up 15,500 feet. Did you know that the peak of the volcano is actually the highest point from the center of the Earth since Ecuador is on the equator.

heyyy! My name is Adamariz. Chimborazo was really cold but it was such a pretty view whether it was from far away or from closeup. after Chimborazo, we returned to the hotel where we had free time the majority of the time. During our free time, a lot of the glimpsers went to the store to buy snacks to either eat during our ride back to the airport or to take back home. The majority of the group either got chips or bread which I don’t blame because the bread was REALLY good. Now it’s time to pack, see you on Sunday!