Greetings from the lovely city of Esteli!

After a restless flight from the states, 22 students 2 adults landed in Managua this afternoon. I was so excited to get our whole group together so the bonding could start. We were timid when we first got off of the plane. After some food and a quick game we loosened up and let our guards down, even if only for a little bit. While waiting for our teammates who came on a separate flight we entertained ourselves by creating elaborate handshakes. It was a freeing and insightful game. Many of the personalities of our amazing group were revealed through this simple activity.

Our group is doing an amazing job bonding and being inclusive so far. The helpfulness and accountability that has been displayed throughout the first day is inspiring and indicative of the posture our team will carry for the rest of the trip. Even when hungry and tired, our group displayed the best version of themselves. There desire to learn and grow is revealing itself and i cannot wait to see what is in store for us all.


Malaysia C Anderson