NOTE: The Internet in our hostel went down yesterday, so we had to post this morning.


Today was a very interesting day for me. Not only because I had the chance to experience a new life style, but also because I learned so much more from it than expected. We started off the day by not having breakfast right away like most less fortunate people do; in addition, we had our academic seminar where we learned a few causes of poverty, which includes: people, place, past, peace, and/or politics. After the seminar, we were fortunate enough to have breakfast with the kids who we worked with. The smile on their faces when they saw that we were going to have breakfast with them was heart warming. There was a smile on almost each of their faces, and those who weren’t smiling were to busy stuffing their faces with food, which I was happy to see.

After breakfast it was time to work like the kids do every day. Some of Glimpsers went shoe shining and the others sold candy. Lawrence (one of my fellow GG members) and I went with Jocelyn and Wellington, local Ecuadorian kids, to sell candy. We walked around the neighborhood selling caramel candies for five for twenty-five cents. Each bag makes the kids about $5. The combined profits for Jocelyn and Wellington’s only amounted to $10 a day. The fact that they only make that amount of money a day got me thinking about all the little things me and every other person in U.S take for granted.

After lunch was the closing ceremony! I was so honored to see all the students who the other GG members and me taught English to graduate. But, before handing out the certificates we showed our talents on stage. Daniel, Genesis, and I danced on stage with our students. Even though I did a terrible on stage, it was fun because it was just a fun activity to do with the kids.

DSC02289  DSC02274 DSC02275

Overall it was a powerful, heart touching, and fun day for all of the Global Glimpse members and staff.




Shout Outs:

Welyn – “Hi Wendy and mami y papi!!! Klk victor 😀 ”

Daniel – “Shout out to my mom, aunt, and grandmother; love you and see you soon!”

Habeeb – “Shout out to my mom and dad, I love and miss you”

Eliezer – “I love you mom and dad, I really miss you”

Wilson – “Shout out to my mom Evelyn, dad Wilson, and my brothers Wilbert and Max. MISS YA’LL!!”

Fatoumata – “Shout out to my mommy <3 I miss you!!”

Lisa – “Shout out to my mom and Erblina. See you guys soon! <3”

Tyreik – “Shout out to my mom, dad, and Jade. I love you guys mucho! See you soon J <3”

Randy – “Love you ma, miss you and I’m close to seeing you soon!”

Aldair – “Shout out to my mom and dad. See you soon, I miss you”

Genesis – “Shout out to my parents + Fabricio. I miss + love you guys!!!!!!!”

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