Oh wow, did Costa Rica get sad when she found out the Orosi 6.30.2023 delegation had their final day of workshops and packed their suitcases and shed tears and shared laughs. 

We went to bed last night around 9 pm, and the skies opened up with the rain that we haven’t really had since the first full day in the country. 

Students were either up all night talking or trying to sleep, and everyone was somber this morning, realizing it was our last day together and our time at Casa Azules in Orosi was coming to an end. 

We met in the kitchen for final coffee and snacks. Our amazing chefs packed sandwiches and fruit for our long trip home today. 

GGLs Soc (Socrates) and Michelle couldn’t be prouder of these students. In just two weeks, students bonded in ways that they never expected. 

We’ve seen such incredible growth, and as teachers and a principal, we wish we could bring the dynamics, engagement, and deep level of thinking back to our schools in NYC. However, this is part of Global Glimpse’s magic.

Our students really stepped up, became vulnerable, and shared so much.

Socrates: made connections with locals to develop his dream of a leadership academy in the DR hosting students from the US (look for this in the near future)

Ayanna: motivated (except for waking up), a massive sweet tooth (vanilla cookies and tres leches), decisive

Bella: self-aware, thoughtful, excellent cheese maker, passionate, almost always on Tico Time

Blair: brave, caring, hardworking, reliable

Daniella: self-aware, vulnerable, thoughtful, inspiring

Dylan: hard-working, open-minded, excellent cow milker, inclusive

Emilie: creative, resilient, excellent cheese maker, open-minded, self-aware

Hannah: curious, Spanish translator, confident

Ian: dedicated, photographer, hard-working, gentle giant, old soul

Jasmine, vivacious, excellent baker, caring

Jondell: never on Tico Time, hardworking, responsible, dedicated

Kayla: action-oriented, hair braider, Spanish translator, reliable

Kevin: insightful, calming force, helpful, optimistic

Marcus: go-getter, sensitive, hard-working, cooperative

Messiah: excellent cow milker, amazing terrible joke teller, honest, action-oriented

Michael: hard-working, energetic, friendly (nicknamed “Snuggle Bear”)

Nelci: open-minded, focused, responsible

Sebastian: caring, friendly, funny, Spanish translator

Stacey: vulnerable, excellent cake baker, caring, adapted to life without fake nails and hair support

Tai: action-oriented, purposeful, helpful, approachable

Wilbur: sensitive, reliable, Spanish translator, cooperative, positive

Michelle: will keep brainstorming with Soc about making travel more accessible to students and continue to seek nature.

It was a true pleasure to spend the last two weeks with this incredible group of young men and women. They are our future.

We can’t wait to see where their journeys take them, and hope to find ways to continue to work together to make the world a better place.