Today going to Leon Viejo we learned a lot. We learned the history of Leon and how Spain had a huge impact on the development of Nicaragua and other latino countries. One thing that we learned about Leon was that at one point in history it was the capital of Nicaragua. Leon Viejo just means old Leon. It´s called Leon Viejo because that´s were the city of Leon was first founded. But then the city was moved to where we are now. We also learned that the coming of Spain to the New world had a huge impact on the Latino countries. We can thank Spain for coming to the new world because they taught Spanish to almost all of the Americas. But we also feel bad at the same time because when Spain came to the new World it not only taught us Spanish about it also killed many of the Native Americans living there. After being in Leon viejo we went to la Laguna de Asosoca, I guess this is were the gruop had the most fun because it was the first time that we were able to swim.

Also in this blog I will take the time to share how it feels to be the leader of the day when being someone VERY shy like myself. To start off I woke up the gruop at 7:15 and after waking up everyone and heading to breakfast thats when the real challenge began. For me it was really hard to get the group´s attention because I am not very good when it comes to taking to group of 23 people. Throughout the whole day the hardest thing for me was trying to to get the groups attention. But with the help of the GG leaders and just doing over and over I started to feel better when telling the group what to do througout the day. In a way I am happy that I got done with this fast because if woulnd´t of I would of been worried throughout the whole trip. Now I feel so good that I am done with this and now that don´t have to worry about anything and can enjoy my trip more than what I am already.

Picture to come…having issues with pictures and cameras connecting. Will try for next blog entry…

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