Hola hola….. here we’re again with a new blog.

Today we had a very well-deserved late wake-up, and a very nice breakfast with a very sunny morning. We went through some details about the itinerary and some facts about the most beautiful country in the world k.a. Costa Rica 🇨🇷 🇨🇷 🇨🇷….for example, we haven’t had an army since 1948, and it’s money now support the public education and public health care system and both are universal…or the fact of having only 0.03% of the 🌎 surface we have 5% of all the biodiversity of the world and we have the first care center for homeless dogs and cats in Central America and is not allowed by law sport hunting since 2016.

Also, we did an interesting activity in order to learn our names using some very cool dancing moves.

After this, we walked to the mini market and bought some snacks and drinks and we tasted how different the coca tastes here, and the bananas are way sweeter, they taste as bananas should taste.

Some of us had a great moment on the pool playing Marco-Polo,  and after dinner, we had our nightly meeting and then we played manhunt.

Tomorrow will have a very interesting day but you’ll find out that tomorrow.

Pura vida….Fabi & Memo