IMG_0303My name is Ryan and I am a proud member of the Leon 2 team. Today myself and Makhayla Prothro served as leaders of the day. The amazing morning started early with a few of us watching the sunrise, followed by making a card for our amazing GG leader, Cindy, who celebrated her 22nd birthday. The wake up call was “Wake me up before you go, go” – by WHAM, allowing everyone to start the day with a smile.

Breakfast was followed by some amazing English tutoring prep with a sense of excitement and anxiety as the 2nd class approached. Free-time marked the first day that groups of four could travel the beautiful streets of Leon. Myself and Makhayla went on a secret mission to the local market with our program coordinator Judith to buy cake and ice cream for Cindy’s late night birthday party.

Following free-time everyone nervously got ready for our adventures shadowing HS students from Public and Private Nicaraguan schools. Eight students went to the private school ( Ryan, Kim, Spencer, Claire, Dorothy, Kwing, Nyla, Nivedha, Cindy, and Judith), leaving seven ( Nicole, Chris, Steven, Bridget, Makhayla, Casey, Devin) at the Leon public school. Both groups walked into the school nervous and left with a new and incredible experience behind them.

IMG_0299By seeing the differences and being able to experience class with a regular student, it allowed for everyone to see the reality of school in Nicaragua including all the surprising differences and interesting similarities. The classes were large and loud with short lessons and not much respect for the teacher. However it was refreshing for many of us to be able to talk with students learning English and taking a lot of similar classes (Math, Science, English, Spanish, computer science ect…). The private school group each participated in math tests at different levels of schooling revealing a surprising, but positive equity to the education systems of our two countries. Each group had the opportunity to talk about the day with each other, some teachers, and the students we all shadowed, creating some deep conversations and new friendships. Instagrams were exchanged and a sense of international community or familia was made.IMG_0291

After leaving the schools, dinner had a little American inspiration with fries and chicken strips… yum. English tutoring brought new and exciting challenges with inspiring results. The students continue to engage and really enjoy the lessons. Today the classrooms were filled with rich vocabulary and developing ideas.

IMG_0311The night came to a happy close with a nightly meeting ending with Nyla dancing/singing to “One Direction”or what Judith calls ” Justin Direction” and an epic celebration of Cindy’s Birthday!!!!!!!

Until next time!!!

ps. Comment on the blogs… WE MISS YOU ALL!


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