Awoken before the sunrise, this is what working like a local consists of; but of course, there is always a glimpser twist to the perception of the day. Natalie did the first round of wake up calls with her way too perky and bright attitude to get everyone ready for a farmer’s workday at 4:30. YES! Thats right 4:30 IN THE MORNING! Our Oreo family-sized pack© certified family slowly but surely got out of their beds; as some slowly left their rooms and begged for 15 more minutes, others got extra minutes of sleep because they were forgotten (sorry Caitlin). For our struggling sleepyheads, Nataly then played bad cop and made sure everyone was up and ready to go.

Our ELDD translating the informational session about the farm.

Our ELDD ¨the Natalies¨ translating the informational session about the farm.

Though the day was started much too early to even hear a peep of complaints, we beared a bumpy bus ride to Finca La Carnavalia. Filled with the silent beginning of a hard day’s work , which was welcomed by a glamorous sunrise of pink and lavender toned skies, and the rich smell of the wonderful fincaside which was embraced; we prepared to receive a reality check. It might not have seemed like it at the grand breakfast, that most could not bear to complete at such an early hour,  that we were about to gain a personal insight into the invigorating work that is a common aspect and even necessity in the lives of the workers that we depend on THREE times a day.

As we split into three groups to understand the different fields of farming, the most passionate I would have to say was the self labeled Poop Squad. The lucky souls in the group  were scooping cows’ poop and making sure the fertilizer didn’t go to waste. I can honestly say that scooping poop was not as bad as it seems. Surprising, I know, but my poop squad kept each other motivated by yelling chants of encouragement like ¨Work that shovel!!¨ ¨Scoop that poop¨ and ¨Embrace the smell!!¨ I personally have to thank my poop squad for making it all worth it. Poop Squad goals!! Thanks, Isabel, Caitlin, Daniel, Ariel, Allie, Tabitha, Chelsea and Jocelyn.

The group intently listening despite being a little after 6am.

The group intently listening despite being a little after 6 am.

Today we also got to experience what some might call a taste of freedom. When we were finally able to go out on the Nica Streets. We chose our groups and made sure to spend our time wisely. Glimpsers felt free and alive to finally have two hours to do as they wished. This time was used to get snacks, do laundry, relax at the hostel and simply go on a walk to embrace all that Maltagalpa has to offer. As it was the first of hopefully many more free time to explore. The experience today of having a Nica insight makes us feel more understanding of the culture around us; almost to a point where we can feel like we blend in (of course only when we are not walking in a large group).

So today like any other day we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner as a family. However by the end of the day, after the challenges faced, we discovered  that we are united as one. When one of us feels joy we all feel joy. When one of us laugh we all laugh. When one of us sings we all sing and when one of us decides to start a dance circle we all dance. We are united as one because we behave as one (proven through one week living experience).

howling monkey in the treetops. At the farm, we saw an array of animals!

Howling monkey in the treetops. At the farm, we saw an array of animals!