Hello my name is Alonzo Sanchez and today I was the leader for the second day of the CAP project. I had to wake everyone up a little earlier than usual so we would be able to have enough time to finish the project we had started. It was a rather short bus ride to the sight. Once we arrived at the school we broke off into the different groups and began completion of our different tasks. I happen to be on the team that was doing the lunchroom hut. The day before we completed the roof and today we leveled and cemented the ground to the hut. We had to dig a trench around the inner structure so we could begin to level the ground. This took some time and determination to complete. Then we had to gather rocks and dirt to level the ground to the hut. We used wheel barrels, shovels and pickaxes to collect the rocks which was even harder than doing the hut trench because we were breaking rocks. Then came the time to mix the cement which wasn’t hard but it was tiresome. In the end we were able to get the job done. Today has taught me a lot about what it takes to be a leader. Somethings that I did well was modeling for everyone what working hard is. I keep on working and stayed on task while filling up water bottles and making sure people had on sunscreen so they wouldn’t burn their skin while working. I was only able to do this with the aid of the other members in my group. Even though I was the leader of the group I did want any leader should do and asked for help when I needed it. This way I didn’t have too much on my plate and was able to keep the day going smoothly. Something I think that I could have done better was inspire people to get back to work faster. It took me some time to get people back on track which could have been used to work on the CAP project. Today has given me valuable experience that I will take forth in my future endeavors. Throughout this experience everyone here has inspired me to put my best self forward. The people here all get along and treat one another as family. When it comes down to facing a challenge or working on a project no one will back down. The people on this trip have never let anything stop them from taking part in the group. From asthma to physical barriers no one gave up on the challenge in front of them. Seeing them do this pushed me to challenge myself and push past any limits I may have set for myself. The most memorable challenge that we overcame as a group would have to be the moment of silence in the cave with no lights. We all were iffy about it at first but in the end we came out with smiles on our faces because we did it as a team as a family. I just wanted to end this by giving a shout out to my lil bros back home, my mother, my pops, and my uncle I love all of y’all and I’ll be coming home real soon.