**JA2C families should have already seen a copy of this statement in their emails.**

Hello Families of the JA2C Delegation,

We wanted to share a quick update on the JA2C flight to the DR. Tonight, due to United staffing issues, the group flight to the DR was delayed until 12 noon today. The group boarded the plane, and then was unfortunately asked to deboard. 
United has rebooked this flight for 12:00pm ET today (7/24). Because it is a personnel issue, United airlines provides a hotel option that the group chose to utilize. All of your students have safely reached their hotel and will be able to catch a few winks of sleep before departing for the airport at 8:30 am.
The two trip leaders, Lenny and Shepsara, are doing an excellent job of handling the situation and ‘keeping morale high,’ and GG could not be more appreciative.
Our team in the DR is anxiously awaiting the group arrival now scheduled for today, July 24th at 3:44pm local time.
I know students still have their phones, so feel free to keep in touch during this time. As always, please reach out if you have any questions. 
With Gratitude,
Cassidy Phillips