Hello Parents, Family, and Friends!


Thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked to rebook all passengers. Copa Airlines has rebooked the group on two separate flights. Please check the list below to find the correct flight information and arrival time for your son or daughter. The students have left Ecuador and will be on the following two connecting flights from Panama to San Francisco International Airport:

  1. CM208: Departs Panama at 9:28 am, arrives in SFO at 3:05 pm on Monday, 7/10:
    1. Shiloh Burton – GGL Leader
    2. Haley Baugher
    3. Amay Devang Kadakia
    4. Marissa Marie Allison
    5. Zahra Abbas
    6. Madeline Price
    7. Kimberley Elizabeth Garcia-Blanco
    8. Dallana Silva
    9. Katherine Carley
    10. Mindy Nguyen
    11. Salyna Tran
  2. CM382: Departs Panama at 6:31 pm, arrives in SFO at 12:08 am on Tuesday, 7/11 (late Monday night/early Tuesday morning):
    1. Liza Hartman – GG Leader
    2. Cesar Heleodoro Ceja
    3. Pingya Chao
    4. Marcos Garcia
    5. Katherine Hardaker
    6. Julia Matus-De La Torre
    7. Esli Mensah-Adeniyi
    8. Faith Mitchell
    9. Sara Morgan
    10. Zen Thumparkkul
    11. Andrea Tovar
    12. Andy Lin

Meghan Yip, Summer Search Boston, made her originally scheduled flight, and will be arriving via American Airlines flight 1509 to Logan International Airport at 10:16 am on Monday, 07/10/2017.


Thanks again, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


The Global Glimpse Team