Families, you all got this update via email as well but I also wanted to leave a trip blog with updated info on the RB1C flight to Ecuador. Tonight due to unspecified maintenance issues, the group flight to Ecuador needed to return to Houston rather than continue to Quito as expected.
The group just returned to IAH approximately 11pm local time (9pm PT). United has rebooked this flight for 7:30am Central (local) Time tomorrow morning (7/15). Because it is a maintenance issue, United airlines provides a hotel option but the group has wisely elected to stay at the airport together on cots in a designated area specifically for situations like this. This will allow the group a lot more time to rest rather than getting a hotel with enough rooms and then all the logistics of travel to/from the hotel and checking in/out.
The two trip leaders Ms. Nguyen and Jaz are doing an excellent job of handling the situation and ‘keeping morale high’ and GG could not be more appreciative.
Our team in Ecuador is anxiously awaiting the group now scheduled to arrive tomorrow, July 15th at 12:34pm local time. You can see a couple of the photos below of the group at IAH (Houston Int’l Airport), the first one on the original layover and the second one after the return.
Note – The group wanted me to title this blog “Houston we have a problem”. I felt like I couldn’t do that as a GG staff member for an important update but I told the students I would acknowledge their wish here and I think it is a good example how resilient and flexible they are being of the situation.