There has been a major change to our group’s return flight info. Please arrange for pick up at the baggage claim area. For those travelling back to SFO, we will now have the following itinerary:

Monday, July 14 (all flights)
Please check airline website for the most up to date information!

Students to California:
American #1252 MGA – MIA 11:30AM – 4:10PM
American #275 MIA – SFO 8:35PM – 11:35PM

For Students to Boston:
Continental #710 MGA – PTY 7:34AM – 10:08AM
Continental #311 PTY – BOS 11:44AM – 6:13PM

Students to Seattle:
Delta #370 MGA – ATL 7:45AM – 1:28PM
Delta #9257 ATL – SEA 6:35PM – 9:04PM