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Hello everyone from our third day here in Esteli. So today, we were able to travel to Nicaraguan Public and Private schools to learn about their education on Education Day. To begin the day, we visited the Santa Cruz Public High School. Not only we were able to ask questions about how their education system works and taking a tour of the school, we also interacted with the high school kids by playing sports such as Volleyball and Soccer which were memories that will never be forgotten.
Then, we visited another school called Germa Meiner which was a private school ranging from 1st grade-12thgrade. First, we took a tour of the school while we asked questions about their educational system. Then, we were able to interact with the 1st-6th grade kids by playing games such as Soccer, hitting a Pinata, and Angry Birds with a twist. It was wonderful to see the joy on the kids faces when we showed up to have fun and play games with them. It felt like we were all celebrities because all the kids that came to play with us were just swarming us constantly during the time we were there.
Today was a great day for all of us Global Glimpsers and I can’t wait for the journey to continue on for the duration of the time were here.