Hello again, everyone, and before we trek into the details of Leon Group 2A’s second official “Fun Day”, all of us in Leon would love to wish an extremely Happy Father’s Day to those who have been at the side of their children since birth and providing them with the support (as well as our mothers have) to make this amazing experience in Nicaragua possible for us all. May your weekend be filled with the mirth and joy of sharing warm feelings and returned thoughts about your glimpsers miles upon miles away from home. You are highly appreciated and missed.

And now for tonight’s fill-in on the Glimpsers’ latest adventure:
The students commenced the common morning motions with an earlier and drowsier wake-up-call at 6:00 in the morning to create time after breakfast at the Imabite restaurant to prepare to take a private transport–graciously provided by Quetzal Trekkers, IMG_2037our hosts for today’s diverting challenge–to their hospitable Ranger Station, situated a very brief drive away from the base of one of Nicaragua’s several volcanoes, the young and famous Cerro Negro (Spanish for “Black Mountain”), which was the goal of the glimpsers. IMG_2060Dropped off by Quetzal Trekkers transport, the students were each equipped with the following tools provided by our helpful hosts: a backpack carrying a special denim suit and gloves, as well as sleigh-resembling boards needed for one of the students’ most exhilarating feats: volcano boarding, an extremely rare and fun form of sleighing, currently known only to the country of Nicaragua and more specifically, the charcoal-black gem of Cerro Negro. Following a long haul up a dark and rocky mountain-side–IMG_2074complimented with two rests with well-deserved breathtaking views from the perspective of the volcano’s outlook on the beautiful outskirts of Leon–Glimpsers suited up and bravely took up the challenge of sailing down the slope of the mountain on their boards;IMG_2053 one by one, some students daringly picked up a manageable speed filled with excitement while others kept a steady and comfortable pace, practicing caution while also enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to board down a volcano. (Editors Note: See action shots at end of post!)  Some landings occurred with great form and safety, while others laughed and shook off a slightly rough landing towards the bottom of Cerro Negro, only to receive quite an amount of pieces of volcanic rock in their shoes and hair, including a few faces smeared with dust; all common to expect on any volcano boarding day. Despite getting dirty with the black sediments, the students all had the time of their lives during this fun day, and we are happy to acknowledge every one us experienced such fun safely, without complaints and without regrets. And this was with big thanks to the people of Quetzal Trekkers who conducted the hike up and the journey down Cerro Negro.

IMG_2069 After returning to a shower back at the hostel by private transport (following a lunch of delightful veggie burritos provided by the Trekkers at the Range Station), we all reflected and agreed that this rare class of memory would, without a doubt, be one to cherish for life, and share with our families, given the first opportunity.

Once again, we wish the glimpsers’ fathers a wonderful Happy Father’s Day back home, and we be in touch with you all with the next story of our adventures.

Until then, have a wonderful day!

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