Hola todos! My name is KK and I was the leader of the day today. Several people woke up bright and early at 6 am to hit the weights at the gym nearby, while a few went on a morning run, and most slept. At 7:30, all of the Glimpsers were up and getting ready for the day ahead. At 8, we had a breakfast of pancakes, cereal, bananas, and eggs. After fueling up, the whole group boarded the bus, practically our second home, for an hour to head to the volcano El Cerro Negro.


We arrived at the base of the volcano and took a few minutes to check out local iguanas and grab our boards for sliding down the volcano. We then ventured up a fairly steep and rocky path to the top of the volcano. Some of us sped ahead, while others took it slow and steady. We saw a great photo opp halfway up our hike and took group pictures with green valleys and mountains behind us. A harsh wind and hoards of volcanic beetles joined us on the final stretch of our hike. When we reached the top everyone was tired, but feeling accomplished and ready to sled down. Everyone strapped on their goggles and gloves and sled successfully and safely down the steep sediment of the black volcano, with the exception of our leader Ollie who flipped off of his board. He still made it down without injury.


After riding the bus back from the volcano to the hostel, we had a lunch of beef stew and rice. Free time followed lunch and many, wisely, chose to shower and change after the sledding adventures. The rest of free time was spent stocking up on snacks at the supermarket and enjoying the local ice cream, called Eskimo.


We were treated to a pizza dinner at Hollywood Pizza and returned back to the hostel for our nightly meeting as well as passing of the hat to Daniel.


Many people, including myself, overcame fears and challenges today with exertion in climbing up a volcano and fear in sliding down it.


Buenos Noches,