Hi guys it is Vincent and Joyce. We started off the day 7 a.m. bright and early. We made it to breakfast on time at 8 a.m. with some classic bread with butter and jam along with a bowl of delicious, nutritious, and healthy fruits (strawberries).

With our bellies full and energized, we then moved on to the mental warm-up which we gave a brief overview of today’s schedule. Hitting at 9 am, we left for Proyecto Recreó to meet with all of these amazing, sweet students and parents who were excited to greet us. Despite our efforts in implementing the Español vocabulary sheet, let’s just say it didn’t go well. Having the opportunity to dance with the kids brought smiles on everyone’s faces (Vincent was vibing). The best part though was the K9 dog show that they presented for us #WhoLetTheDogsOut.

After waving goodbyes and passing out wafers (Vincent’s wafers to clarify), we headed to another spectacular (muy bien) school called Germán Abdo, where we got to take a first-hand tour and experience all of the areas that needed to be fixed (CAP projects). During the tour, we met 2 of the amazing staff members and they got to speak to us and answer our questions for the first step of the CAP project (Discovery: Who, What, Why?).

Shortly after we got back to the hotel, we had a seminar in which everyone got to discuss what we wanted to contribute to the CAP projects and what we wanted to help the school out with. We discussed the issues in terms of its grass area, mural, and even the school supplies for the students when they start school back up. Things kind of got hectic just like Political Debate Club. On the bright side, everyone contributed $650 in total. Insane, am I right?? We really appreciated what everyone put in and everyone’s ambition for this project. The Vision and Power are initiated.

Hello! Thanks for reading this far and you might be curious why in the Riobamba is the title named WAH!!? This was because of our energizer activity that we got to play with the kids in Recreó! Quite difficult to explain at the moment but we had a WAH full of fun! Not liking the jokes? Oh well, let’s hope the next Líder Del Día can do it better. As of now, adios amigos!

(Mum I did a great job as a leader – Vincent Shao)