Hello Dulce Familias!

We began our day sleeping in a little later today. After having a yummy breakfast, we headed out to our 45-minute, rocky hike through the forest to the Aquiares waterfall. We had to cross through the river, soaking our shoes with puddles of water and bubbles. It was quite yucky, but our team was there for each other as they guided us through by holding the rope to make sure we were safe. We then spent an hour basking in the mist of the waterfall and relaxing on some rocks. The scenery was beautiful and many of us went for a dip in the cool water. Then we started our adventure back through the Jumanji Jungle with soggy socks. The Jungle felt neverending because the hill was very steep and there were many loose rocks on our path, they moved when we moved. However, we successfully passed on to the next level.

We gained a new perspective and appreciation for our natural surroundings as well as enjoying one another’s presence. For lunch, we picked up some Ready Pizza from a gas station, and everyone ate and left no crumbs. We watched some environmental justice videos to prepare us for our guest speaker tomorrow. We learned that tourism often has negative impacts on local communities and the environment. During our break, many of us had nap time or played games. For dinner, we had chicken alfredo, garlic bread, and salad. We ended the day with our nightly meeting and a bonfire with creepy werewolves and good conversations.

-Delilah, Zamari, and Trinity