Hello everybody!! As Leaders of the Day, we woke up around 6 am to stay up and make sure the other Glimpsers were up at 7 am sharp. We were all still tired from yesterday, but we maintained a positive attitude because we were excited about the waterfall, since it was canceled Thursday because of the rain. We hiked about an hour down to the river. The hike was very rocky and slippery. Lots of people almost fell, but they did great. We helped each other out when there were steep hills and stairs by holding each others hands when coming down and giving each other advice on footing. Once we got there, everybody was excited to get into the water. It was cold at first, which made them hesitant, but more and more people tested it out and said it got warmer after a bit. The current of the water was strong since the waterfall was close, but the Glimpsers helped each other out once again, and luckily, no one got hurt. We stayed for about 2 hours. During those 2 hours, the students explored the river and took pictures. There were also locals visiting with their dogs, which means that the lake that Memo took us to is liked by the locals. When hiking back up the mountain, it was even steeper and the Glimpsers were even more tired. We took breaks and on those breaks, we saw Toucans up in the trees. The music that Memo allowed us to play helped during the hike as well.

Once home, some students took a dip in the pool while we waited for lunch. Instead of a lunch from our base, the Program Coordinator, Leydi, brought us empanadas that a local made for us. Needless to say everybody enjoyed them especially because one of the students let us all use her hot sauce. After that, we took a well-deserved break where we waited for our laundry to be done in order to take showers. Luckily, we had a guest speaker named Karla, who spoke about conservation. She gave us treats and good lesson about how we can have an impact on our world today, and where it stands, which many people took to heart. By the time she was done, so was our laundry. We paid for it and got out clothes back, then hopped in the showers. Dinner followed, where we ate spaghetti and toasted baguette. After our nightly meeting was over, the students went down to the court to play some volleyball. Once back, it was almost time to sleep so everybody went into their rooms to get ready for bed. Come back tomorrow night to find out what we do on tomorrows adventure.

Much love,
Jeny and Diana